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My Story

Currently I am a senior at Western Michigan University where I am studying engineering management.

Fitness has been such an essential part of my life.

I grew up on the west side of Detroit MI, where sports, school, and extra curricular activities kept me on the right path. Music and exercise have been two of my biggest passions. Good music has contributed to many fitness milestones over the 13 years that I’ve been able to achieve. Last summer I purchased a pair of the wireless Dre’ Beats over-ear headphones. The fact that they had superb sound quality, noise cancellation features, comfortable, and wireless capabilities gave me the impression that they would be phenomenal for exercising. When I first started exercising in the headphones, the world became my background and my fitness goals were at the forefront. A year past and the prolonged sweat lead to the deterioration of my headphones.


This experience led me to our first product which is the headphone protector. To prevent sweat and bacteria from damaging the headphones, and to also provide a more sanitary environment, I have created a headphone protector that not only absorbs sweat, but is washable, reusable, and comfortable. I first designed this idea using CAD, exercising my engineering expertise, and now I finally have brought that product to life. This product will allow users to enjoy their premium headphones to their fullest potential because in the end, if sound quality doesn’t hold you back,

why let sweat?


The ear cushion protector component is comprised of a soft, dri-fit like material that is soft and comfortable to the skin. Below that is an absorbent cushion that preserves the comfort of the headphone as well as serves as a secondary defense toward sweat. The elastic band keeps the headphone protector in position while in use. The head band protector is comprised of the same materials as the ear cushion protector however, it has a Velcro strap at the top in order to hold it in position. There is also rubber grip attached to the bottom of the headband protector in order to prevent the headphone from sliding on the users head.



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